Meet Your Bear in the Woods


Bear in the woods 3.jpg

"No one has ever hurt you, you are free"

I was in a workshop where we each made a life map using X's for negative experiences with the masculine and O's for the positives, adding short notes about these events.

This was a powerful experience. I came out of it with a  map that belonged to me. My life as i see it. The overall effect of my X's and O's map was amazing. I felt such acceptance for it all. 

By reclaiming the negative, I  can take back all these projections. Instead of following these projections,  am present with them. When I take this energy back, when I own it for myself, I am healed, integrated and whole.

Try this exercise. Take out a piece of paper and make the X's and O's. See what comes up. 


This 'Painting, Push Me, Pull You,' is about my father, the bear in the woods.