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Listen to Your Body


Invite your body into a friendship where you talk and listen to each other. You have radar in your forehead where you can gain the information you seek on any question.  Ask your body for support and advice.  Honor your body's wisdom. Let yourself feel  that your love for your body, let your body be your ally and heal any separation you may have felt in the past.  


Vulva Cookies, baked to celebrate International Women's Day, March 8. 

We had a gathering of women and to create  breast flags by covering our breasts in paint and leaning onto a piece of muslin cloth to make a print to heal veterans of war. The story behind this project comes from Sobonfu Somé,  a Burkinabe teacher and writer who tells of a tradition of welcoming warriors back into the village by having them walk between two rows of women with bared breasts so that they may be healed. 


One Body, painted to celebrate the ultimate goal, the end game - that the self and body are one.